Spell Slinger

Spell Slinger was a two part project, the pitch and the implementation.

First up, A group of us were tasked with pitching an original game idea. The below video is the final product of that pitch. I was responsible for the video production, animation, audio production and the voice acting that can be heard in the first scene.

Following on from that, myself and another programmer were tasked with building this game for multiple platforms over the time frame of a couple of months. We chose to build for Windows and Android devices.

We spent the first half of the project building and refining our prototype to work in a Windows environment using MonoGame framework and C# as the programming language. Without going into too much history about MonoGame, put simply it is an open source implementation of Microsoft’s now defunct XNA framework. It has an active user base and hopefully a bright future, it was certainly a joy to develop with even having no XNA/MonoGame experience.

What we hadn’t realised, is that compiling C# MonoGame for Android requires Xamarin.Android which is commercial software. You can read about the confusing licence implications here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mono_%28software%29 So a Xamarin licence was required to port the MonoGame project to Android which went against our initial outline of keeping it all free but we were too far down the rabbit hole to turn back.

Spell Slinger for Windows download
If you don’t have it installed, you will need the Open Audio Library to run the game in Windows

The Spell Slinger game design document can be downloaded from here